Saturday, November 5, 2011

Exploring with TUI Systems

Today in class was exciting!  I was able to interact with new TUI systems.  I got to connect different Topobo pieces and create sculptures (although I couldn't animate my pieces because we are still waiting for the charger to ship).  This is a really cool idea, I can't wait to use it while it is functioning.
Another system I got to explore was Sifteo.  This is awesome, there are 6 cubes that can interact with each other.  I'm not sure how multiplayer this was supposed to be, but we ended up each having a cube and interacting with each other to solve puzzles.  There are more apps that can be downloaded for different games.  It was a great experience!  I didn't realize that you could use tilting until I accidentally tilted mine and all of my pieces went sliding to one side, that was a great feature that I ended up using very intuitively to connect the color pieces in my cube to the same colored pieces in the other players' cubes.

 The Life of George was a fun interactive game!  We were racing against the clock to build the picture the ipod showed us and then we could take a picture of it and it would recognize what we made!!  This was best for around 3 people.  It was a little hard with 4 adults trying to hover around this little board, but we all helped out yelling such things such as "blue 4" or "black single".  I could definitely see my cousins loving this game, and I am thinking about purchasing it for a Christmas present!
Lego: Life of George

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