Friday, December 2, 2011

Evocative Objects

In class we learned about objects and the power they hold.  When you think about it, objects tie us to everything because we live surrounded by them.  I wanted to design an object that captured me and who I am, without being to obvious about it.  I wanted puzzles and mystery.  If you look closely at the outside edge, you will see six abstract "M"s.  I identify with the letter "M" because my name starts with it, and so I have always been "MTL" or my favorite animal has been monkey simply because it starts with the letter "M" (and they are cute).  The main design your eyes are drawn to is the spiral in the middle.  I wanted this to be obvious because many things in life seem to spiral, and this semester my time has been spiraling so that it seems to pass by even more quickly.  The overall shape reminds me of a snowflake, which I love making and have spent countless hours littering the floor with paper bits.  Snowflakes (the design kind) also put me in the holiday spirit!!  To me, my object has significant meaning that is not obvious.  The secrets an object hold seem to make them more meaningful.

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