Wednesday, November 2, 2011

UIST Day 2 & 3

I've heard that UIST gets more exciting after the first day, which stumped me because I had a great time the first day.  I've also met so many more people and it's been great!!  I was intimidated at first, but everyone is so nice and loves telling you about their work and gives great advice.

One paper that I thought was really cool and could be relevant to CS110, was "Vice Versa."  It takes markup and then animates to what would actually be displayed.  It is a quick in-place preview technique developed at the University of Paris.  Unfortunately it is still a proof-of-concept.  I would really like to use this tool!

The tangible session was extremely interesting.  I really liked it!  ZeroN was astounding.  A team from MIT used magnets to suspend a ball in midair and it was interacted with.

Overall, UIST was a fantastic experience and I love every minute of it!  It has inspired me to look more into research, which is something I have not done much.  It also has confirmed my interest in the general area!!

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